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Our country engine bed tool industry international merger and acquisition practice
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  Our country overseas merger and acquisition still active acts according to the statistical information which on December 14, 2009 obtains: 2002~2008 year Chinese Enterprise`s year foreign investment grows from 2,700,000,000 US dollars to approximately 56,000,000,000 US dollars, the yearly average growth rate achieves 66%. since has entered 2009, along with international finance crisis`s expansion, global transnational investment large scale atrophy, but in 2009 1~ in September, the Chinese Enterprise`s foreign investment had still amounted to approximately 33,000,000,000 US dollars, basic and in 2008 is impartial same time. 2003~2009 year third quarter end, the Chinese Enterprise carried on 437 overseas merger and acquisition transaction, the resultant has amounted to 1 16,800,000,000 US dollars.

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