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After financial crisis, the engine bed profession must carry a heavy load the vanguard
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In order to deal with the financial crisis, the country adopts many kinds of policy expansion domestic demand, particularly invests the significant infrastructural facilities vigorously, these actions draw heavy-duty machine tool`s market demand to a great extent, enables in a big way to have, the heavy-duty machine tool manufacturing capacity enterprise to attack the crisis the degree to be smallest. for the past ten years, the Chinese engine bed tool profession has been maintaining the swift growth situation, from 2008 to 2009 March, is attacked in the second half of the year the whole world financial crisis, the engine bed tool profession speed-up assumes the declining trend. at the beginning of 2009, the country starts to adopt a series of means that implements the loose monetary policy, to increase the investment in the fixed assets, the guidance purchase advanced engine bed equipment and enlarges the dynamics introduction vanguard technology, causes the engine bed tool profession as well as the overall economy bounces back gradually under a series of throw good money after bad support. zai guoqu di yi nian zhong, our country engine bed tool profession comes under financial crisis`s influence freely, but compares world other countries saying that China`s engine bed market is a prosperous picture as before. the China machine tool industry makes one admire &ldquo,the domestic demand&rdquo, the market also to mean that the Chinese market will be a global various countries engine bed enterprise intense competes for the battlefield, is implying to domestic engine bed enterprise`s interrogating and torturing, before how to defend oneself gate the cake? in 2009, various countries` engine bed market demand, the volume of production and marketing largely drop, this in 2009 April`s Chinese international engine bed exposition (CIMT2009), 2009 October`s European international engine bed exposition (EMO) on can manifest. Specially on the EMO exhibition, presented the phenomenon which the exhibition business absence, the display reduction of area, the audience reduce. In addition, according to various countries` association statistical information, the Japanese 1~ in September engine bed output value bi shangnian reduces 61%, the German 2009 annual productions drops the approximately 60%, US July`s, 2009 equipment expense total amount compared to the same period last year to reduce 55.3%. But our country starts in the first quarter from 2009, the profession speed-up had the rise, in 2009 the profession output value already with steady steps rose in the first three quarters, in July, in August, in September three month output value speed-up achieves two figures. actually why China market scenery alone good? The author believed that our country machine tool industry output value growth main dependence domestic demand and investment in the fixed assets drawing.

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