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Ten big industrial adjustments and the promotion plan overall implementation effect is good
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On January 27, the industry and the informationization department holds 2009 year industry communication industry movement press conference, notifies in 2009 the national industry communication industry operational aspect, introduces ten big industrial adjustments and the promotion plan implementation situation and the 3G state of play. the industry and the informationization department party group members, chief engineer, news spokesperson Zhu Hongren indicated that ten big industrial adjustments and the promotion plan overall implementation effect is good. he pointed out that the equipment manufacture, the automobile, the steel and iron, the ships, the petrochemical, the light industry, the spinning and weaving, the non-ferrous metal, the electronic information reversed the aspect which the production slides largely. Through the union reorganization, the rawsteel produces can surpass 1,000 ten thousand ton large-scale Iron and steel enterprises to achieve 9, the automobile annual production sales volume surpasses 1,000,000 enterprise groups to achieve 5. After diligently, the annual elimination backward steel-making, the iron-smelting and the cement produce can respectively amount to 1,691 ten thousand ton, 2,113 ten thousand tons and 7,416 ten thousand tons, professions and so on plate glass, electrolytic aluminium, coke, calcium carbide, ferroalloy complete the elimination task which basically in the year issues. The energy conservation reduces the platoon to achieve remarkable success, estimates above the annual scale the industry unit increase in value energy consumption bi shangnian to drop about 9%, the water consumption reduces about 8.3%, the industry solid waste synthesis use factor achieves 65%. movement monitor coordinated bureau Chief Xin Guobin introduced the key industrial adjustment promotion plan prime task progress. Was increasing the technological transformations and national science and technology significant special implementation dynamics, the guidance enterprise strengthens the independent innovation promotion competitive power aspect, Xin Guobin introduces that in 2009 central level funds arrangement technological transformations special fund 20,000,000,000 Yuan, mainly adopted the deducted interest way support enterprise to strengthen the technological transformations, the issuing investment plan plans 4,441 items, the total investment 6,326 hundred million Yuan, drew the enterprise to apply the new technology, the new craft, the new equipment, the new material powerfully, the promotion equipment independent level. Sped up the upscale numerically-controlled machine tool, the large aircraft and so on 7 significant special implementation progresses.

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