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2010 engine bed tool profession five big target key points
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  in 2009 1~ in November, the entire profession accumulation completes the gross value of industrial output 349,500,000,000 Yuan, grows 12% compared to the same period, Realizes the product sales revenue 331,900,000,000 Yuan, grows 12.2% compared to the same period. in 2009, our country engine bed output value third leaps to the world from the world first. Withers suddenly in the market size overall, the global main engine bed producer country economic indicator slides large scale under the situation, we obtain the result is really not easy. was dealing this year which the international finance crisis attacked, the profession movement presented some new characteristics: First, the enterprise product mix adjustment obtains progresses greatly. Looking from the entire profession, the low-grade product manufacturing has been short, upscale, the special-purpose product manufacturing were many. Second, innovates the achievement to be remarkable independently. Has developed one batch high speed, precise, compound, the multiple spindle linkage numerically-controlled machine tool, as well as one batch of big specifications, the great tonnage numerically-controlled machine tool new product, specially the heavy gold cuts the engine bed development to be rapid. Third, investment in the fixed assets fast growth. in 2009 1~ in November investment in the fixed assets completes the volume to grow 35.8% compared to the same period, one batch of significant technical transformation project finished one after another and has played the role, specially heavy-duty machine tool productivity had enhanced greatly. Fourth, the enterprise modes of business operation start to transform. If raises the production efficiency vigorously, reduces the production cost, the enterprise supplies the chain to further optimize, further strengthens and so on for the user technical service work.

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